2014: My pursuit of my happiness


Well, it’s the first Monday of 2014! (joy!) Right?! I’m lucky enough to be at home with Callan, playing, cooking and napping as we await the BCS Championship game tonight. I’m rooting for FSU for no particular reason, well maybe because the hubby is and I have no allegiance to either team. 

I’m scared and excited for what this year holds for me and my family. There’s so much uncertainty in our lives, so much out of our control that it’s amazing we even step outside to face it all. But we do. And I will. I will take each day at a time, doing my best, doing all I can do and then leaving it at the door every evening when I get home. I will be present with my family, not preoccupied by outside circumstances or people. I will choose to be happy because they deserve it, and heck, I do too. If it comes down to the dishes or playing airplanes with Callan, well guess what dishes, you get to be dirty just a little longer. My home may be messy, but every moment that created the mess was worth it! 

I’m determined to be the best ME I can be in 2014. I have seriously reflected on my priorities, goals, and dreams and they have changed. Scary when a goal or dream you’ve held on to for so long may not be what you want anymore. And that’s okay, I have to accept that. Now is the time to realize my new set of goals & dreams and work just as hard to see them come true as dreams past. We don’t have to be stuck in one spot, one career, one town, just because it WAS a dream. New dreams may change those things; accept the challenge. Life is short and I want to make as many dreams come true as possible and show Callan that the possibilities  in life are truly endless as long as you never stop pursuing. 


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